Pet Pick-Up/Drop-Off Services

We know that the passing of your pet is difficult, and you may be unsure of what to do, or perhaps you’re simply unable to transport your pet to our facility on your own. Rest assured; Pet Cremation Services is here to make the next step for you as easy as possible. Call us at (303) 403-1647 to schedule an pickup. With our pick-up and drop-off services, there are three ways that you can bring your pet to us:

1: Via Your Veterinary Clinic: Your veterinarian has probably been caring for your pet’s health for years, and most times he/she is involved with the last moments as well. In this case, we will gladly pick up your pet with care from your veterinary clinic after they he/she passed on and transport him/her back to our facility.

2: Via Direct Drop off: We are open to the public during normal business hours, Monday through Saturday.  **March 2022 –  Please call our office to scheduled an appointment to bring your pet in.  We can schedule most appointments same day. 

3. Via Home Pickup: For special circumstances, we can arrange to pick up your pet from home and bring him/her to our facility during business hours (additional fees apply).

**We CANNOT take any large beds or carriers, please have our pet in something we can easily remove them from. Please call our office if you need instructions.

You can pick up your pet’s ashes directly from us by appointment, or we can deliver your pet’s ashes to your veterinary clinic. We can also deliver them to your home via USPS for an additional fee.

What Happens After a Pet Is Picked Up?

Whether we pick up your pet from a veterinary clinic or from your home, we will treat your pet with the same dignity and respect. We will ensure that all of the positive identification tags are correct, and we will continue to verify the identification throughout the process. Your pet will be brought back to our facility and scheduled for cremation. If you have any special requests that have been agreed upon, we’ll gladly fulfill them. Once the cremation is complete, we will notify you that your pet’s ashes are ready, or if you worked with us through a veterinary clinic, we will return your pets ashes to the clinic.

How Soon After Pickup/Dropoff Is a Pet Cremated?

Typically, it will take us three business days, depending on how many pets are inline to be cremated at any given time. If we are delivering your pet’s ashes back to a veterinary clinic, it may take up to 7 business for delivery scheduling.

Can Ashes Be Available on the Same Day of a Cremation?

Because the integrity of the cremation process is important to us, it’s generally not possible to cremate a pet and pick up the ashes on the same day. The exception to this is a witnessed cremation, for an additional fee. If someone sets an appointment and witnesses the cremation process, the pet’s ashes will be presented to the owner once the process is complete.

Dog resting head on woman's shoulder: Pet Cremations in Wheat Ridge

What If My Pet Passes Away After Hours?

We know that there is no opportune time if your pet passes away, and sometimes this happens while our office is closed. If this happens, please keep them in a cool dry place wrapped in something we can easily remove them from after transport  and call us to schedule a drop off when we open. If you cannot wait or want to get your pet somewhere after hours, call your nearest 24 hour veterinary emergency facility.

If you have any additional questions about our pick-up/drop-off service, or if you’d like to schedule a pickup during business hours, give us a call at (303) 403-1647.