Pet Memorials in Colorado

Even if a pet has transitioned over the Rainbow Bridge, the memories of that beloved companion can live on forever. This page is dedicated to pets that are no longer with us and includes owner-submitted photos to remind us all of the good times. If you recently bid your beloved animal companion farewell, we invite to share your favorite photo memories of him/her with us and others. Perhaps you captured your cat sweetly covering her face with her paw during a nap, or your dog in mid-air as he was catching a Frisbee. Whatever happy moment your photo captures, we’d love for you to share it with us. We invite you to upload your favorite photos using the following form, and we’ll consider adding them to our page.

Pet Memorial in Wheat Ridge


I miss you everyday. You were always happy and made me smile and taught me what it means to love unconditionally. You stole my heart, 15 years later you broke my heart, and now you are in my heart.

– Fred Paull

Jonas aka Josie

Jonas was our baby boy- happy, loving, kind of like a drooling shadow, and never wanted to be without us. He will be missed every single day.

– Kristen Myrick


Smokey Bear was the pit bull that broke all stereo types. We got him at the age of 5 weeks and he was coming up on 14 when he passed. He had so many friends because of his kind demeanor and my children and I spoiled him rotten. I will never sleep comfortably again without him next to me. He loved car rides and belly rubs! His favorite thing to do was shove his slobber face into ours just so we knew he was right in front of us. He loved to take pictures and was very photogenic. To never hear him say scooby again is heartbreaking.



Lucy was our sweet girl.  Our youngest of 3.  She was only 6 and we found out June 23 she had bone cancer that had metastasized to her lung.  We had to let her go to the Rainbow Bride on June 29.  Devastation at its finest.  My husband and I miss her terribly.  Lucy never met a dog or especially a person she didn’t love.  She must have given millions of kisses in her short life.  Pet Cremation Services was wonderful.  We had her ashes back with us within a couple of days.  We will miss her for the rest of our lives.

Teeny “Bubba”

We lost out Teeny very suddenly, with no illness, right after turning 9, in May. He was the most unique & cuddly cat. Teeny loved everyone, including dogs. So much so, that we swear he thought he WAS a dog. He would come when we called, announcing his presence as he did, answering us when we talked to him, loved belly rubs & had a strange obsession with shoes…no idea what that was about. LoL He is & will always be missed terribly. We lub you Bubba. heart


Chase recently passed he had osteosarcoma which is a terrible cancer he was only 9 He will be missed. I love you chase with all my heart.
– Laurie Myers


Oreo was not just a pet he was our a boy in a fur coat. This was Oreo resting at home watching T.V. We love and miss him every day. Pet Cremation Services treated him and us with the utmost respect. They ensured that every detail we requested was fulfilled. A few days after they even sent a condolence card with a pup that looked like my Oreo. Thank you.


To my sweet Summer. From the moment I laid my eyes on you in an animal shelter on Saint Patrick’s day of 2005 knew I was the lucky one to have found my forever friend. You were taken back a few times for not getting along with cats, I never found that to be the case. You had a playful sprit and could never hurt a fly. When you got spayed you quickly learned “show me your owie” for a tummy rub and never missed a single “sit pretty” command. You sure loved to go for car rides and salivate all over the car windows. You were there for the highs and there for the lows. I could feel your love whenever you licked my tears away.

Saying goodbye to a special pet like you can be the hardest thing of all. Then I remember how much happiness you put in my heart and so now it is my turn to be strong for you.


My dear sweet Verde was my beloved baby. She had the personality of a dog. She always greeted me and everyone at the door. To Verde, everyone she met was a person to show love to. She purred loudly, gave kitty hugs, and loved to cuddle. She was the most unusual cat as she loved potato chips, graham crackers and wheat thins. My sweet girl, you are healed from the cancer and resting peacefully in heaven. I love you till the end of the time! I miss you! Thank you for allowing me to share her memory.

Socs aka Soccer Pants

Sweet little Socs…you brought so much love into my life.  I was fortunate to have you for 1 year and 3 days.  Wouldn’t trade the past year for anything.  You were my heart space holder and I miss you so much! Love you Soccer Pants, to the moon and back! heartfeet

Bun Buns

Bun Buns was part of our family since he was a little fur ball at just 28 days old.  He was with us for more than 11 years and gave us so much love and joy. This is him relaxing with me outside. Our hearts are breaking but knowing he is in heaven with God makes it a little easier.  You will be missed forever sweet baby.
– Jocelyn Healy


My sweet Sarah adopted me in January 2009 and remained by my side until April 18, 2018, when she began her new journey, across Rainbow Bridge.  Sarah, you were my best friend; I loved you more than I ever thought possible to love anything or anyone.  My heart is broken in your absence, but I cherish our time together.  You made me laugh and cry….you were my velvet confidante.  You loved everyone and everyone loved you.  You will be missed,  sweet Sarah.  i hope you are running free in a mountain valley with all the other pups who are patiently waiting to join their people again.  Until then – I love you!  Be happy.


Brook loved playing in the snow, she was our white chocolate lab! And could always be found with her favorite toy in her mouth, even when she was sound asleep. We will always love you and will see you again when we cross the Rainbow Bridge to be with you.


My babygirl we will miss u so dearly u have no clue how much… I will be a huge part of us still!!


Jasper was my heart and sole he was a special kitty and I will miss greatly, R.I.P Jasper mommy will always love you to the moon and back.

– Lenore Elkins


My best friend in the whole world.  I love you buddy. You are with me forever. I miss you so much.

– Tracy Sisemore



My first dog. I swear he had 9 lives!He was with us for 17 years. People told me he was Pretty and that he had a smile on his face. I miss his beautiful fuzzy fur…I did not know that his passing would Hurt So Much. Until we meet again…
– Susanna  Miller


Zena had a wonderful life . Will be deeply missed by all in my family .


My baby boy, my handsome little man, Jack. I miss him with each breath I take.


Brophy came to us a matted, dirty, needy mess.  He had been left outside in Bailey, CO with a man who didn’t care for dogs.  From the first night when he lay in bed with me chasing my hand all night asking for affection to the very last minute I spent with him, he was the furry light of my life. Thanks for being my dog, Bro Bro. Love you with all my heart.

Razi, Burmese and Benjamin

Razi and Ben warm on top of satellite equipment at our mountain house near Estes Park. Razi was 11 when we rescued her and she died at 16, as did Ben. Ben was my best friend, other than my wife, during the difficult times after my wife had a stroke and I was her caregiver for the last 12 years of her life. We had 14 cats over 53 years. Ben was very special to both of us. I will miss him every day. Thanks for this opportunity.


Sweet, Sweet Paris… You were the best youngster I have EVER known… Say hello to your momma for me, and make sure to keep munching those honey crisp apples. I’ll have one for you today. Thank you to Pet Cremation Services for taking in this HUGE request… I can’t thank you enough.


My sweet baby boy, oh how we miss you so much. You were always by our side. Thanks for being my best friend. We will miss you truly. Until we meet again.heartfeet

– Carmen Antillon


Yesterday I picked up Leo’s remains from our vet office, Seven Hills Veterinary. They handed me the bag, carefully filled with tissue, and I barely made it out the door before bursting into fresh tears. The weight of it undid me. I left the bag untouched over night because I didn’t know what I was going to do with what was inside. This morning I pulled the tissue out, still unsure what would come next. I was surprised to find not a simple cardboard box of ashes as I was expecting, but a beautifully carved wooden box. The perfect vessel for my Leo. The perfect place for it on a shelf next to his picture. The comfort of it is immense. Thank you so much for taking care of my dog.