Pet Cremation Services in Colorado

To accommodate the wishes of every pet owner, we offer witnessed individual pet cremation and communal pet cremation at our Wheat Ridge facility. Our facility is equipped to cremate both small and large animals, including horses, and we have a private grieving room available as well. If you are unable to bring your pet to us, we’ll gladly come to you to pick him/her up. Visit our Pet Pick-Up Service page for details. Pet Cremation Services guarantees that your pet will be cremated after he/she is turned over to us. We do not offer or use mass burial disposal.

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Private Cremation

Your pet will be cremated privately so that you can be sure that you are indeed receiving your pet’s ashes back.

Witnessed Cremation

We offer the option to witness the cremation process at no additional fee (appointment required). With this service, we do not change the process or the verification steps that we go through to ensure accuracy. We simply add the ability for you to see what we do as we are doing it. For some people, this provides that extra level of comfort that the ashes they receive back are the ashes of their beloved pet. We perform only one witnessed individual cremation per day at 9 a.m., Monday through Friday.

Communal Cremation

A communal pet cremation is one that involves a group of pets that are cremated together. We do not return ashes to any pet owner with this service. Instead, communal remains are scattered on private property in Douglas County. This is often the cremation option of choice for pet owners who have no desire to keep their pets’ remains.


For all private cremations, we use a stainless steel, pre-numbered ID tag (alpha numeric) that stays with your pet throughout the cremation process, including the cremation chamber. This allows us to positively identify your pet’s ashes in any phase of the process. We also provide a certificate of cremation to pet owners for private cremations and return it with their pets’ ashes. Each certificate includes the name of the pet and the date of cremation and is signed by the person who processed the pet’s ashes. Furthermore, our quality control procedures ensure that there is no co-mingling of remains.

Private Grieving Room

If you’ll be using our services soon, please accept our sincerest condolences for the loss of your companion animal. We have a private grieving room set up in our facility so that you can spend some alone time with your pet before the cremation process.

Give us a call at 303-403-1647 if you’d like further information about our services.