Ways You Can Memorialize Your Pet

Pets leave a lasting imprint on their family’s lives long after they have passed on. Keeping their memory alive is an important way to not only cherish the time you had with your pet, but to also cope with their loss. Pet Cremation Services, Inc. in Wheat Ridge and Centennial offers various pet memorial options to help families remember their loyal companions with joy and fondness, but we know there are other creative ways you can memorialize your pet as well.

Make a clay or ink (or both) pawprint.

A clay or ink print of one of your pet’s paws makes for a sweet, simple keepsake that will always remind you of your companion and how special they still are.

Make a personalized Rainbow Bridge memorial.Memorialize Your Pet in Wheat Ridge, CO

The Rainbow Bridge Poem is a touching representation of the bond we share with our pets even after they’ve passed. Use the entire poem or select the part you like best and create a simple display with one of your pet’s best photos. Or if you prefer, you can frame an artistic print of the entire poem and keep it in a room you visit often. There are many different ways to use the Rainbow Bridge Poem to memorialize your pet.

Use your pet’s collar in a clever way.

Love crafting? Have your pet’s metal tag turned into a pendant. Wrap their collar around a flower pot or old water bowl that can be used as a planter. Create a shadowbox and include their collar, tags, photos, their favorite toy, and anything else that reminds you of your pet.

Put together a scrapbook and/or video compilation of your pet.

We all have favorite photos of our pets (which can sometimes number in the hundreds), and a handful of cute and silly videos. Share your photos and videos with family and friends and exchange memorable stories that you can laugh and smile about. This can make a recent loss a little bit easier to manage.

Volunteer with local shelters and rescues.

Helping animals in need is a great way to keep your hands and mind occupied, and you’re saving lives, too. You can also choose to donate regularly to local shelters, which are always in need of funding and supplies. Every little bit helps.

Share your pet’s story on social media.

Being open about loss and sharing your story with others is a healthy way to cope with grief. It also gives you a chance to connect with people who have had similar experiences. Post your favorite photo and talk about the day you brought your pet home, or that one time when they stole one of your socks and buried it in the backyard. Your story will encourage others to share theirs, too.

Hold a memorial service.

If you have a flair for the ceremonial and want to give your pet a proper sendoff, you can organize a memorial service with close friends and family who loved your pet like you did. Encourage them to bring their pets too, if possible. Celebrate your pet in the way you feel is best.

We’re Here for You

However you choose to memorialize your pet, know that we’re here to support you and offer our pet memorial services if you need them. Saying goodbye to a loyal, loving friend is never easy, but we can help you remember them the way they deserve to be remembered.