Pet Cremation Services for Vets
In and Around the Denver Metro Area

As a veterinarian, you want your patients to live happy, healthy lives. When they reach the end of their life journey, you want them to pass on with dignity. One way for this to happen is with cremation, which is the aftercare choice for most pet owners. Your clients count on you to provide them with trustworthy pet cremation services, and we hope you’ll mention us when speaking with them.

Pet Cremation Services has worked with hundreds of veterinarians and pet owners over the years, serving as the caring, respectful choice for pets that have passed on. We operate in a compassionate, ethical manner while always keeping our integrity at the forefront. If you’re a veterinarian or other employee of a veterinary hospital seeking pet cremation services, we invite you to come tour our facility to learn more about us and the cremation process.

For Veterinarians in Wheat Ridge, CO
  • Open door policy: Ethically doing business is important to us. We welcome you to come and see what we do and how we do it as well as ask any questions you like. Spend the day with us to thoroughly educate yourself. We’ll even buy you lunch.
  • Private cremations: Each pet is cremated privately with a stainless steel ID tag. Ashes can be returned to you normally within up to five business days for you to return to the owner.
  • Communal cremations: Pets are cremated together, and no ashes are returned. With this service, we can pick up your patient, perform the cremation, and spread the ashes on private property in Douglas County.
  • Discrete: Whether you choose a private or communal cremation for your patient, the process will be done discretely for both small and large animals.
  • Fast response time: After you contact us, you can expect a response within 24 business hours.
  • Reasonable prices: The prices for our pet cremation services are competitive, which allows us to accommodate more veterinarians and pet owners.
  • Pet cremation guarantee: We guarantee that ALL animals in our facility are cremated, which is indicated with our prices. We do not and will not ever use mass burial for animals presented for communal cremations.
  • Urns: We have a large inventory of pet urns and memorials available for purchase. View Our Catalog
  • Pick-up service: As part of our service to veterinarians, we will pick up from your facility at no additional cost.

If you have any questions about our pet cremation services for vets in and around the Denver Metro area, or if you’d like to schedule a cremation, call at (303) 403-1647.